Deer Valley Club

Deer Valley Club – Park City, Utah

The Deer Valley Club Private Residence Club development model was new to the resort vacation home industry and new to potential real estate purchasers. Located slope side at the prestigious Silver Lake Village at Deer Valley Resort, it was the first Private Residence Club worldwide.

The Deer Valley Club served as the development model for the explosive growth of Private Residence Clubs worldwide. This meant that the marketing team had to educate potential purchasers as to the benefits of the innovative usage plans, reservations systems, the five-star lifestyle and the investment value of a $150,000 fractional ownership purchase.

The Charges:

Sell a new luxury fractional concept at a previously unimaginable price-point.

The Verdict:

The Deer Valley Club sold 210 fractional ownerships at $150,000 each over a 24 month period for $31.5M in total sales.

Capella Pedregal

Capella Pedregal – Cabo San Lucas

Capella Pedregal represented the first Private Residence Club developed outside of the USA.   The unique form of non-Mexican-national property ownership had to be integrated into a Private Residence Club development model. Also, due to the long-weekend travel pattern to Cabo San Lucas from it’s primary feeder market of Southern California; a creative usage plan and reservations system and a unique residence design was needed that maximized visit potential for owners.

Because of the importance of water sports in the Cabo San Lucas area, Capella Pedregal was the first to introduce a fractional ownership yacht club membership as an add-on opportunity with a fractional real estate purchase. This first ever fractional ownership yacht club required the creation of it’s own unique documents and use plan.

The Charges:

Create a usage plan that accommodated the non-traditional travel patterns and incorporated essential amenities and activities.

The Verdict:

Capella Pedregal was the first Private Residence Club to offer fractional ownerships above $400,000. Sell out was achieved in 18 months generating $32M in sales while the Yacht Club generated $8M in sales.

The Grand Del Mar

The Grand Del Mar – Del Mar, CA

Serenely nestled amidst the foothills of Del Mar, the Grand Del Mar seamlessly combines the old-world charm of a Mediterranean estate with the modern luxury of an elegant resort. The result: California’s premier triple Five-Star destination and Trip Advisor’s #1 luxury hotel in California. Although The Grand Del Mar (located in Del Mar, California) is rated as one of the finest resorts in the USA, it was not on a beach or a golf course, was not in an urban setting and was not on a ski run.

Sun drenched climate, stunning natural beauty, a championship Tom Fazio design golf course and irresistible dining epitomized by Southern California’s only Five-Star, Five Diamond restaurant. The Private Residence Club at the Grand Del Mar comprised 8 spacious villas with fractional ownership shares priced from $400,000 to $550,000.

The Charges:

Sell fractional ownership without one of the standard location assets (Golf, Ski, Beach) and incorporate membership in an outside golf club.

The Verdict:

Sell out of the first phase of the Private Residence Club producing $44M was achieved with fractional ownership pricing ranging from $450,000 to $550,000.

Isle de France

Isle de France – St. Barth, FWI

Set on the beach that is widely regarded as the finest on St. Barth, the Isle de France offers 40 beach front luxury suites, spa, ocean front restaurant, fitness center and tennis courts. The Isle de France has consistently been recognized as one of the top resort in the Caribbean.

Because of the nature of ownership laws on St. Barth, the Isle de France Private Residence Club could only offer a leasehold to purchasers instead of a deed. The Private Residence Club also needed to produce revenues which significantly outperform the very pricey St. Barth real estate prices.

The Charges:

Create a plan that both incorporated leasehold based fractional ownership and financially outperformed whole ownership in one of the world’s most expensive markets.

The Verdict:

Achieved the highest per square foot sales revenues ($4,000 per sq. ft.) and the highest price for a fractional ownership ($750,000) for a 75 year lease in lieu of a deed.