Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales of a Private Residence Club or Fractional Investment Property requires specific strategies for prospect generation, marketing support material and sales training. Fortunately, most resort full ownership projects already have a sales and marketing team in place along with a professional sales showroom. Typically, most the existing marketing resources and sales team for a full ownership program can be utilized effectively in a PRC program. Jim and his team have extensive experience training PRC sales teams.

Our process begins with a complete review of all existing marketing materials and sales personnel. Every item we review falls into one of three categories: Keep, modify, or discard. Most fall into the first two categories and the process tends to provide an opportunity for discarding the items that haven’t been utilized in the past and replacing them with pieces that work toward the ultimate goal of increased sales.

Once the review is complete, we provide a plan for the fastest and most efficient means of filling in the gaps in the Sales & Marketing program so that we can begin reaching prospects quickly and efficiently. Our goal is always the same: To get qualified and interested prospects on site and in front of your sales staff as soon and as cost-effectively as we possibly can.